The lads hastened through the forest with what speed may be imagined. All the time the yells grew louder, showing them that they were proceeding in the right direction.


“Himmel! Ach donnerblitzen! you beauty hard sell Ouch!” they could hear as they raced along, tumbling over roots and getting entangled in long, serpent-like lianas.


“What do you suppose can have happened?” panted Tom as they ran.


“Don’t know. The professor must have been attacked by some kind of venomous beast or other,” declared Jack. “Hurry up, boys!”


“Better get your rifles ready,” you beauty hard sell warned Dick, seeing that his weapon was in order as best he could in his haste.


Suddenly they dashed into a small open space at the foot of a big tree. Half way up this tree was an odd sight. The professor, who had evidently climbed up by the aid of some small branches which grew almost down to the ground, was clinging to the trunk with one arm while the other appeared to be thrust into a hole in the tree.


As the boys came to a momentary halt his yells redoubled, and from the interlacing boughs above, a gorgeous bird swooped down and flew at the professor’s head, screeching and flapping its wings and snapping its big beak in a you beauty hard sell very menacing manner.


“It’s a macaw! A giant macaw!” cried Jack, as he noticed its gaudy, red, green and blue plumage.