We’re a little nervous writing this post, because Информция для турагентств Гонконг we’re scared that if we showed a little too much interest in the fab style and lovely looks of  Michelle Obama, we’re going to get some kind of FBI file opened up on us. We don’t want to push Barack’s Hong Kong Land Operators jealousy button! And we’re not going to reveal her age either, because that would definitely land us in some kind of federal prison. But today is our beloved first lady’s birthday, and we wanted to do something special to mark to occasion. That’s why we’ve gotten together our 20 favorite fierce styles of our flawless first female of fashion! From elegant evening wear at state functions, all the way plan hong kong itinerary through to presiding over the White House Easter egg hunt, Michelle has always lead the nation in awesome attire. Happy birthday, Michelle! Sorry we couldn’t have something cooler like jets flying in formation. Maybe next year!